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1 Bay At A Time is proud to offer the most in depth and safety-certified Paddalini Paddleboard Yoga Teacher Training.

Paddalini SUP Yoga Teacher Training

1 Bay At A Time presents a Paddalini SUP Yoga Teacher Training Certification Course providing hands on SUP yoga instruction, water safety training, yoga fundamentals, breathwork guidance, meditation techniques, inversions and arm balance clinic, yin yoga demonstration, ability to teach in a live class setting, and self-business promotion.

This diverse team of experienced Yoga, SUP Yoga, Water Fitness, and Water Safety Instructors will share their different teaching styles to offer the safest, serene, and most practical SUP Yoga Teacher Training Courses in the San Diego Bay or during Coastal and Inland Retreats.

The Paddalini SUP Yoga Teacher Training Course is a total of 20 hours and can be completed over 1 weekend (3 days) or divided into sessions (8 total) over the course of up to 6 months.  The 8 sessions include 15 hours on the water and 5 hours in a classroom (online option available).   Upon completion, each student will receive a SUP Yoga Instructor Certifiication.  Study Materials will be provided as needed. 

Total Cost is $800.  Early Registration Discounts Apply.  Bring a Friend and Receive $200 Off!  OR sign up for one of our Destination Retreats and get Certified for ONLY $550!!!

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Destination Yoga Retreats and SUP Yoga Teacher Training Certification Events

Colorado River in Yuma, AZ

Let's Paddle The Grand, Colorful Colorado River and Get Certified!! Presents ~ Yoga on a Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Teacher Training Paddalini+ with Lori Jones! 

Interested in becoming a Paddalini SUP Yoga Instructor?  Complete your SUP Yoga Certification while on your Destination Yoga Retreat!  Join us for 3 consecutive weekends on the Colorado River, in the San Diego Bay, or mix & match your Paddle Sessions equaling 20 hours total. 

ONLY $550 to become a SUP YOGA CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR.  Regular price $800.  SIGN UP TODAY!

20 Hour SUP Yoga Certification can be completed over 3 weekends or over the course of 3 months based on your schedule!!  All equipment is included.

Paddalini+ = Practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation on a Paddleboard. The “+” includes other styles of yoga practices that promote connection with elements and energies that created and sustain us. Explore the yogic teachings of the chakras (energy centers) and tattvas (elements) in our bodies and in nature with an emphasis on safety and the safe use of the highest quality equipment.

Contact Lori to customize your SUP Yoga Teacher Training Classes.


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