SUP Paddle Yoga Classes

1 Bay At A Time is proud to offer local Paddalini SUP Yoga Classes in Coronado and other San Diego locations.

Paddalini SUP Yoga Classes

Stand Up PaddleBoard (SUP) Yoga Classes are offered most Saturdays and Sundays in Coronado and other South San Diego Bay locations.

Please see the Current SUP Yoga Schedule and Pricing posted on the San Diego SUP Yoga Meetup Page. Private classes can be scheduled as well.

Paddalini SUP Yoga classes offer a modified, unique yoga practice focusing on breath and the activation of your energy by channeling the chakras.

If you can Sit, Kneel or Stand, you can enjoy Paddleboarding. If you can Breathe, you can do Yoga.

If you want to be Present in the Moment, practice Paddalini (Kundalini Yoga and Meditation on a Paddleboard).

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